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Photo Projects are from emerging and mid-career artists. 

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Katherine Phipps: A Season in Private Mythology

Camera Chronicle Staff

Not long ago I had an awakening. The way I see the world was forever changed, colored by mysticism and wonder. I stand in awe of the profound beauty of the universe. There are moments now when I escape away into my own cosmos, where I am ruled by the same stars and signs which also fascinated the ancient Greeks and Romans. A Season in Private Mythology are glimpses into my realms of experience, illusions of emotion and sensuality constructed by the temporal world as I pass through it. 

Katherine Phipps is an artist and photographer currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. Katherine graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Photography in 2015. In addition to working on expanding her commercial portfolio, she continues to work on her current project, Private Mythology. Also an aspiring yoga teacher, she is interested in all kinds of spiritual practice, literature, philosophy, nature, found objects, and social change. 

Katherine is available for commission shoots of all kinds, assistantships, collaborations, retouching services, and design projects. See more at