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Photo Projects are from emerging and mid-career artists. 

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Wen Hang Lin: Silence in Synethesia

Camera Chronicle Staff

Silence in Synesthesia

I photographed in an attempt to glimpse the mystery in life hiding in plain sight. In the blink of an eye, two separate events, with no apparent or planned connection, randomly fused together by the colors and open up an abstract space. Like synesthesia, a neurological term for the mix of senses, the extra embedded sense broadens the experience of my humdrum daily life. The quest of searching the unseen has become a meditative monologue beyond a decisive moment.

Using coincidence as a tool, I build up blindly overlapping images by rewinding
the negative after the entire film is exposed, instead of using a traditional double-exposure setting. Without a plan or script, I simply observe life around me, recording images of the seemingly mundane. Through an entangled web of intended actions and unintended occurrences, two different, unrelated images randomly merge into one.

This methodology creates a theatrical encounter, playing in the present and using the moment. The end result cannot be foreseen, as life has mysteries, thereby a limit to calculation, to plan or to control. When the seen and unseen meet – and strangeness and beauty intertwine – I am presented with the infinite possibilities of coincidence and witness the familiar events transform into enigmatic.

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