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Maury Gortemiller: Now it's Never

Camera Chronicle Staff

Now it's Never

A photograph should be indirectly brutal, harrowing and comic. In a truly satisfying image, far more information is withheld than delivered. To tell is human; to suggest, the province of seers and mystics.

My images are open-ended: scenes often resembling everyday places and occurrences with a dose of the uncanny. There is little distinction between images created spontaneously in situ and those that are staged or altered digitally.  Questions take precedence over answers, and what the viewer might see or experience in an image is far more important than any meaning I might assign.  A photograph is only a beginning, albeit a seductive, beguiling point of embarkation.

I think of my photographs as aesthetic occurrences which speak to an unidentifiable yearning. Scenes riddled with longing, suffused with unrequited desire, speak to the familiar world disintegrating into the surreal. It’s a craving that is recognizable but always just beyond description. A half-remembered face perhaps, the distant memory of a hazily-recalled conversation, or the simple but sobering realization of time unspooling behind us. The emotion is distinct, pungent and yet frustratingly ineffable. When photographs work well, when light and angle and frame coincide in sumptuous choreography - I can almost say what it is.

Maury Gortemiller is a photographer based out of Decatur, GA. He is also a competitive apneist, and plans to make an attempt on the breath-holding world record by fiscal year 2016.

Instagram: @elmaurygee