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Photo Projects are from emerging and mid-career artists. 

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Ville Kansanen: The Procession of Spectres

Camera Chronicle Staff

The Procession of Spectres engages with vast landscapes to examine the fragmentary nature of the human condition and the emergence of self.

“This body of work represents a step from behind the veil of ideas and techniques to find earnest revelations of my struggle to be whole with my fragmented sense of self.”, explains the artist, Ville Kansanen.  It is a reach for connectivity with humanity and a reconciliation with the kind of isolation, which is necessary for creating work where one is exposing, what Kansanen refers to as ‘inscape’* and physical form to as little interference as possible. Psychologically the images represent the human experience of individuality in-flux and consciousness ever-changing in procession.

*Inscape is a concept derived by Gerard Manley Hopkins from the ideas of the medieval philosopher Duns Scotus. Hopkins felt that everything in the universe was characterized by what he called inscape, the distinctive design that constitutes individual identity. This identity is not static but dynamic. For surrealist painter Roberto Matta, it was a psychological space: "thepsychoanalytic view of the mind as a three-dimensional space: the 'inscape'."