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Photo Projects

Photo Projects are from emerging and mid-career artists. 

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Dayna Bartoli: Florafaunal Angiography

Camera Chronicle Staff

In juxtaposition to my artistic practice, I have a medical background as an ophthalmic photographer. This involves performing diagnostic tests that document the blood flow through the retinal vessels in the eye. In my series Florafaunal Angiography I transmute these sterile medical images into a context outside of diagnosing disease. Through compositing the internal sensory anatomy of the eye into the external visual perception of the world, pathologies become a part of the living imagery of flora and fauna. The two forms interweave and unify the anatomical and aesthetic experiences of sight as well as the contrasting photographic processes, creating a new spatial relationship.

Dayna Desireé Bartoli (1987) is an artist from Arizona who works in various mediums including photography, bookmaking, and mixed media objects. She graduated from Arizona State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography, and received a Master of Fine Arts in 2015 from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art in Norway. Many of Bartoli’s projects are driven by a fascination with natural phenomena and the language of medical and scientific representation. Bartoli has participated in exhibitions in Europe and the United States. Her photographs have been published in Harper’s magazine (July 2013) and she was named one of Lens Culture’s “21 New and Emerging Photographers” of 2013.

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